graphing calculator Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator is an advanced calculator. It can solving advanced equations, plot the graph, and do some tasks to solove something. It is programmable, and sometimes you can add new program to your calculator from your computer.

This graphing calculator can do plot the graph and computational task at the same time. Commonly it is used for scientific and engineering applications. Some advanced type support 3D graphing also.

Some calculators have USB port which can be connected to the computer. The calculator display can be presented at computer monitor or presentation projection.

Popular Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments is a popular graphing calculator manufacturer. If you go to electronic shop you will see Texas Instruments Calculators everywhere beside Casio, HP, and Sharp. Below are some of popular calculators:

  • TI-83 Plus, handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions. Can display graphs and tables on split screen to trace graph while scrolling through table values.
  • TI-84 Plus, USB on-the-go technology for file sharing with other calculators and connecting to PCs and 11 apps preloaded.
  • TI-89 Advanced, over 500 KB memory for storing functions, programs, and data and pretty print technology displays mathematical expressions as they appear in textbooks.

Free Online Graphing Calculator

If you don’t have calculator, you can still use online graphing calculator. You can use below free calculators:

  • Flash Graphing Calculator, flash based calculator that can do basic graphing application.
  • GCalc, a java applet based calculator. You need java enabled computer. You need download java runtime, if you don’t have it.
  • Graphit, a web based graphing calculator. It can perform basic graphing equations.
  • Fooplot, can plot functions, functions in polar coordinates, and parametric equations.
  • e-tutor, can graph multiple equations and easy to use.

Free Offline Graphing Calculator

If you can’t go online, you can use the offline version. Here are some offline graphing calculator which you can download:

  • GraphCalc is an all-in-one solution to everything from everyday arithmetic to statistical analysis, from betas to Booleans, from cubes to calculus, from decimals to derivatives.
  • Graphing Calculator 3D from Runitor is a handy and free 3D graphing utility that plots graphs for two-and three-dimensional mathematical functions and coordinates tables.
  • Microsoft Power Calculator can graph and evaluate functions as well as perform many different types of conversions.